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All ages have a place in our worship, with special places for wiggly kids and online options for people at home.

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Communion and Baptism are ways we receive God's grace.


Worship is how we come together in God's presence. We have many ways for people to participate.

Sunday 9 am Worship

Music. Prayer. Message. 

We gather on Sunday mornings to praise God and hear God's word for us today. Come to be filled with God's Spirit, and volunteer to help make worship happen every week.

Summer Wednesday Worship

God doesn't take the summer off, and neither do we!

Join us for Wednesday Worship at 6:30 pm every week this summer for a science experiment and discussion that gives us insight into God's work of creation. Grow faith through science and conversation. Maybe even a few campfire evenings as well.

Music is always changing, and people use their God-given creativity to find new ways to worship God and grow community. Check out our current worship music with this Spotify playlist. Just click to listen to some of the music we are using in worship this season.

Special Worship Events

Sometimes we need a little extra group prayer time with God.

We gather to bless our pets and our motorcycles.

We gather for special holidays to remember our traditions and the ways God reaches out to us at Christmas and Easter.

We gather for times of worship on dark days after disasters.

We gather when we need to be with God and our community.

Brunch Church

Some Sundays are a little different from others.

Maybe it's New Year's Day, and we are tired.

Maybe it's Mardi Gras.

Maybe it's a holiday weekend.

On these Sundays, we gather around tables full of food and friends for prayer and readings and conversation.

Brunch Church
Wed Worhip
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