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At Suamico, we like to cover a lot of ground with our worship topics. We go deep into a gospel as we prepare for Easter, or have a fun look at favorite Bible stories after Christmas. We work our way around different parts of the Bible, as well as looking as ways to grow in our life as followers of Jesus' teachings. Each sermon series has a playlist on our YouTube channel, and you can click on the topic that interest you.


Do we treat Christmas like it's our own birthday celebration? We take a look at how we can focus Christmas on Jesus' birthday and ministry instead. Click for a copy of our Advent Calendar activity list. December 2023.

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How does God take ordinary people and create heroes that help their communities? Can God bring power to our lives to help others? Take a look at the stories of the Bible: Mary, Mother of Jesus; Jacob; Joseph; Gideon; Saul/Paul. January - February 2024


Do we treat Christmas like it's our own birthday celebration? We take a look at how we can focus Christmas on Jesus' birthday and ministry instead. Click for a copy of our Advent Calendar activity list. December 2023.


Good God, Abundant God :: Enjoy God's Gifts

We keep hearing messages that there isn't enough for everyone, we should face the world with fear, and we can't trust anyone. Join us as look at who God is and what God offers: abundance, generosity, trust, self-sacrifice. Maybe there is a better way to live our lives in joy and peace with God on our side. November 2023.

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Today we face many differences of opinions - from small stuff to the really big stuff. How can we get along when we don't agree on everything? We look at three simple rules from our Methodist tradition to see how we can do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God. Using these rules, we can find ways to stay together when we disagree on big topics like the role of LGBTQ people in the Methodist church today. October 2023

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David took down Goliath... and what else? Take a look at the long life of David as shepherd, warrior, king and poet. See how we can learn to love God as David did, and learn how to apologize and accept the times we screw up. September 2023. 

GOD & DOG.png

Dog is God spelled backwards - a silly observation of the English language! But what if there is more wisdom here? What if we can see some of the steadfast love and caring companionship of God in the eyes of our dogs? We explore the ways God loves us, and the ways we need to grow in obedience, in this two-part series. August 2023. 


Inside the church, we often call people who follow Jesus "disciples." What does this mean? How do we walk daily with Jesus and fit this relationship into all the rest of the stuff in our lives? We take a look at how Jesus invites us to belong, become and bless as a part of a faith family committed to walking with Jesus. July 2023. 

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How we read the Bible is a big area of disagreement today. How can we approach the Bible to hear God today while still being faithful to tradition? We look at how the Bible was written and put together and see how people of faith have traditionally interpreted the Bible to gain insights for us today. May-June 2023.

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Who did Jesus talk to? Who did Jesus spend time with? Let's read through Luke's Gospel this year to see how we fit into the story of Jesus. Who do we identify with? Where would these stories happen in our world today? Let's see ourselves in the story, we can see Jesus in the world with us today. Reading plan to read through Luke before Easter here. March-April 2023.

Spirit Gifts YouTube.png

Dive deep into Galatians 5:15-23 to see what God wants to give us through the Holy Spirit. We can get nine fruits or gifts from the Spirit to be the whole and healthy people God made us to be. February 2023.

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Epic Tales :: How Ordinary People Become Heroes

God likes to use regular, ordinary people to do extraordinary things. This series looks at Daniel & Lions, David & the Giant, Jonah & the Whale, and Esther & the King. January 2023.


Socks & Underwear :: What to do with the Gifts God gives, that we don't want...

God wants to give us the best gift ever, but sometimes we aren't ready, or don't want, what God has to give us. This series looks at surprise gifts, return gifts, and receiving gifts as we prepare for the gift of Jesus. December 2022.


God At Work :: Committing to Build God's Kingdom in 2023

Let's play with building blocks! We remember the people who shared their faith with us as we celebrate the mission projects and volunteers who lead our congregation. We finish by committing to being a part of our church's ministry in 2023 through our gifts of time and money. How is God at work in our lives today? November 2022.

Love Your Neighbor.png

How do we love our neighbors in a time of elections and debates? We dive deep into the hard work of loving our neighbors as God loves them. September - October 2022.

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Small & Mighty :: Small Books, Mighty Messages

Take a quick look at some of the small books of the Bible: Philemon & Habbakuk. September 2022.

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Summer :: Seeing God in Our Summers

Let's get to know each other through the stories of our great Wisconsin summers: Storms, Teams, Festivals, Chores, Stillness, Bugs, Growth. July - August 2022.

How I Got Here.png

How I Got Here :: Pastor Anna-Lisa's First Sunday at Suamico

Pastor Anna-Lisa shares her faith story that has brought her here to Suamico and a new chapter in community ministry.

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