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Youth Group

It is a place for ages 13 -21 to gather in a safe place to….

  • Share concerns and Hopes

  • Be free of gossip and bullying

  • Learn how a walk with Jesus can help with life

  • Help youth understand how they fit into the modern church

  • Perform community outreach to assist others

  • Be in a place that they feel supported by others

We meet in the Youth Room at the end of the hallway. 

For info, please contact our church office at or 920-434-1168

Leaders are Mark Johnsen, Riley Beauchamp and Tara Krause.


Confirmation is a great class for middle school and high school students to explore their faith. Who is God? What's in the Bible? What's the point of church?

Learn to think for yourself and figure out some of your faith questions.

Two-year program, meets twice a month from October to May. 

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