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Growing Together

Jesus taught in small groups. Early Methodists met in small groups to encourage and support each other. Today, we continue this tradition with groups that build relationships with each other and with God.

Choose from on-going groups that meet year-round, or pick a short retreat or class that focuses on a topic. Groups are available for all ages, or interests, or life stages. Find one that fits you. 

Looking for a different type of group? Talk with Pastor Anna-Lisa about getting something new started.


Adults come in lots of life stages. Empty nesters, young parents, elderly, active retirees, young adults, and more!

We try to provide different opportunities throughout the year so adults can find something to support their spiritual growth.

Got an idea for a new group? We can add new groups at any time.


Sometimes we need to try something different to learn more about God, or to connect to God in a new way.

We try to schedule one trip a year for people to go somewhere new and do something new. Sometimes it's a spiritual reflection trip, sometimes service projects, sometimes church history and learning.

Retreats are a smaller commitment for trying something different. Help others, pray in new ways, meet new people.



Youth are growing up and stretching out. We offer opportunities for young people to learn more and experience God in new ways.

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No one grows faster than kids! We love to include them in worship, and also to offer groups where they can have fun while learning about God's love. 

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