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Communion is a special time when people gather to receive God's grace at the table Jesus prepared for us. We receive the presence of Jesus through the bread and the juice, and we believe Jesus changes us through his grace.

All are welcome at this Table who are seeking God's grace, love God, apologize for sin, and live in peace.

Participating in Communion

Do United Methodists believe the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ?

In the Great Thanksgiving, we ask the Holy Spirit to be poured on us and on the gifts of bread and wine we offer. We ask for the Spirit's outpouring to make the bread and wine be for us the body and blood of Christ so we, who receive them, may be for the world the body of Christ redeemed by his blood. We believe God answers this prayer "Yes," and the Spirit does all these things. Christ is really present here, and Christ's presence really changes us.

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Who May Receive?


As we say in our Invitation to the Table, "Christ our Lord invites to his table all who love him, who earnestly repent of their sin, and seek to be at peace with one another." If you can say you do or have done these three things, you are welcome to receive.

Additionally, all baptized Christians, of any age (including infants) and any Christian denomination are welcome to the Lord's table. It is Christ's table. He welcomes all who are baptized in his name, and so do we.


We affirm the historic Christian precedent that people are normally baptized prior to receiving communion. Yet, as our invitation notes, baptism is not required. If you come and are not yet baptized, we will encourage you toward baptism at your earliest convenience.

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