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God asks us to live generously and share our resources so all have enough. We offer a number of ways to give, and we even made mini-figures of ourselves as we celebrated our ministry plans for 2023! Come and find the joy of generosity with us.

Online Giving

Under construction

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Gift Cards/ Scrip Fundraiser
Building Fund

We invite you to support our church by doing your regular Shopping & Gift Giving with Gift Cards that you’ve purchased from us. You receive full value for every $ spent – no added cost – and church receives a rebate of 2.5 - 16% on each card. That profit goes directly to our Building Debt Retirement.​

Every week we have cards on hand for gas, groceries, dining, & other retailers for you to purchase and use immediately. We have Amazon in stock and it's very easy to use by just putting the number from the card on your order form. We have access to over 700 businesses that we will order for you. The complete list is online at We have additional local businesses to choose from as well. Who wouldn’t like a gift card from  Festival, Meijer, Fleet Farm, or Culvers?

Leaders: Donna Schneider, Kay Waugh.


Booyah Stew Sale Fundraiser
General Ministry Fund

Are you hungry for some hot, fresh, boneless, skinless, Booyah?

​Come and get it!

​We have a Drive-Thru Booyah sale. Our sanitized containers will be prefilled and put directly in your vehicle. With Covid still around, we are not able to fill your containers or kettles from home. 

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Annual Fundraising Campaigns

Under construction


Wills, Memorials & Endowment Fund

Under construction.

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Cold Soup Sale Fundraiser 
Caring Team Ministry

Under construction

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