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Seasoned Seniors

We provide a program and meal several times a year for seniors on the Second Thursday of the fall and winter.

2022-23 Schedule: 

October 13: Lessons We Learn from Geese

November 10: Lessons We Learn from Turkeys

December 8: Lessons We Learn from Reindeer
February 9: Lessons We Learn from Cardinals
March 9: Lessons Learned from the Starfish Story

​For information, please contact the Church Office at 920-434-1168.

Upcoming Sessions
Seasoned 2022.3

Activities before Lunch

Seasoned 2022.12

Making the Coffee

Seasoned 2022.18

Filling Our Plates

Seasoned 2022.19

Veterans Day Celebration

Seasoned 2022.14

Hot Lunch Prep

Seasoned 2022.11

Clean Up Volunteer

Seasoned 2022.10

Seasoned Seniors Coordinator Ruth Ann Voelz

Seasoned 2022.15

Conversation & Coffee

Seasoned 2022.21

Honoring Our Veterans

Seasoned 2022.13

Lunch Prep Volunteers

Seasoned 2022.17

Sign Up Station

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