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Shelter Project - Reduce Homelessness in Brown County

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

The "mission of the month" for our church in September is an annual fund-raising project to help our partner, Ecumenical Partnership for Housing, as they support families moving from shelters to long-term, stable housing.

Each year we take a special offering through a direct mailing in order to help families across Brown County who are struggling with unstable housing. EPH provides support as well as temporary and transitional housing services to help families find stable finances and jobs and homes for raising their children.

This program is not a hand-out, and participants work weekly with case workers to develop the skills needed to maintain stable housing. As Jesus calls us to meet the needs of the poorest people in our community, EPH is a great partner for us to meet that need and transform people's lives.

We invite you to give generously this month and designate your gift to EPH.

Kay, Diane and Deb helped clean the housing unit our church sponsors before a new family moved in Spring 2023.


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