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Mountains 2024

Holden Village, Cascade Mountains, Washington State USA

July 14-July 19 at Holden Village

July 11 Departure and July 21 Return

The mountains are calling! Many of us feel God's presence when we are in God's creation. This summer, get away from technology and go off-the-grid to Holden Village, deep in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. There are no roads to Holden! We will take a boat up Lake Chelan to get to the mountain where our cabins will be perched along a babbling brook. No cell phone reception and no Wi-Fi. This is Old School! Spend time hiking, watching the trees and birds, listening to speakers or working with artists-in-residence. Do what makes your heart sing - without the singing chimes of our cell phones. Daily worship, great food, fabulous adventure.

Click here for full details and cost.

Contact Pastor at 608-799-4547 or for more information.

Pastors Anna-Lisa and Park Hunter will lead this trip. Anna-Lisa visited Holden in 1971 and 2017.


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