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Big Bang Summer 2024

Coming Soon!

May 29 - August 28, 2024 Wednesdays + Sundays

God doesn't take the summer off, and neither do we! God does make summer fun, and so do we. Come and spend time with neighbors and God as we explore the ways that we see God through science. Weekly science experiments show us the wonder of God and provide faith lessons for growing in faith and action.

Wednesdays: Worship at 6:30 inside with music, a hands-on message that explores includes a science experiment, and Holy Communion. Discuss the connection between faith and science and finish with a time of reflection and prayer. Relax around the fire to close out the day!

Sundays: Traditional worship at 9am, with a repeat of the faith and science message. We invite people with musical gifts to share special music each week, and provide child care in the nursery for families with little ones.

Contact Mary Ducas or Pastor Anna-Lisa to volunteer with the fire, kids, and worship planning.


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