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Holy Week April 6-9 Worship

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Special worship services to connect with God and remember what Jesus did for us.

Maundy Thursday | April 6 @ 6:30 pm | Fellowship Hall

Extended Communion service to remember the Last Supper.

Good Friday | April 7 @ 8 pm | Sanctuary

Service of Darkness with candles and readings from the Gospel of John to remember Jesus crucifixion and death. Choir will sing to open the worship service. Readers needed to help read the story. Please contact to volunteer.

Easter Sunday | April 9

Sunrise Service @ 7:30 am

Informal and shorter service organized by our confirmation students and focusing on the empty tomb.

Worship @ 9:00 am

Traditional Easter worship with special music from our Music Teams. Communion will use individual cups.

Worship @ 10:30 am

Traditional Easter worship. Communion provided through intinction - people will dip the bread into the cup.


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