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England Pilgrimage 2023

We are going to England to celebrate John Wesley day, explore church history, and touch on the ethics of museum collections. Registration is now closed for new participants. The following information describes the activities for this trip. Items with * after will be attended by Anna-Lisa. Items with ^ are included in trip cost.

Recommended Apps to download to your phone:

CityMapper (for directions/tube/bus routes)

American Airlines (ticket and gate info)

BigBus (route and location of bus)

Recommendations for Preparing for Trip:

Use a suitcase with wheels - long walks through airport and trains

Have a credit card with a chip - used for public transportation & purchases

No currency exchange needed - All contactless payments with chip card

Have a backpack to carry umbrella, jacket, snacks, water bottle, purchases

Eye mask can be useful on plane and adjusting to jet lag

Electricity Converter - different plug + electricity voltage in UK

Bring water bottle, sunglasses, umbrella, jacket, sun hat

Not all airports have a lot of charging outlets - consider battery pack


Day 1 : Thursday May 18 : Arrival + Bus Tour

Arrive at Heathrow Airport

Go through passport control & customs and collect luggage

Take train into Central London

Drop off luggage at Wesley's Chapel

Big Bus Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour^


Buses pass every 15-30 minutes.

3 routes.

Download app to see exact locations of buses and tour route.

Great way to settle down some jet lag! Tour includes a water ferry from Tower of London Pier to Westminster Pier under by the Houses of Parliament and London Eye - 40 minutes with commentary on bridges and waterfront sights. Can take once in either direction.


Day 3 : Saturday May 20 : St. Paul's & St. Bride's

See "newer" churches, built after the Great Fire of 1666 by Sir Christopher Wren. 15-20 minute walk from hotel, or take city bus.

St. Paul's Cathedral

Tour Tickets^ enter cathedral at 12p.*

Worship Opportunities:

Morning Prayer 7:30a

Eucharist 8a & 12:30p*

Evensong 5p*

Worship is free. Can attend 12:30p Eucharist during tour time.

St. Bride's Church

Free to tour, donations accepted at kiosk onsite. Basement museum has great info on history of Great Fire, as well as remains of Roman road. Also small chapel from medieval church on site. Five minute walk from St. Paul's.

Open for visit from 10a*-3:30p

AL will visit at 10a before going to St. Paul's.

Worship Opportunities:

Space for Silence 4-5p weekdays - silent meditation with candles.

Morning Prayer 8:15a weekdays in crypt chapel. 15 minutes.

Other Opportunities:

Eat at Old Bell pub by St. Bride's for historic pub experience. Other pubs in area as well.


Day 5 : Monday May 22 : British Museum

Tour Ticket Entry 10:20a & 10:30a^*

Christian Ethics Day: How do we live out our Christian values in the world today? We will spend the day at the British Museum to explore their collection and consider the purpose of museums and the source of their artifacts. What happens when countries want their items back? Check out these articles and videos for more information.

Museums - Last Week Tonight (careful - somewhat salty language...)

Pope Returns Items

Smithsonian Policy on Returning Items

British Museum Requests for Returns


Day 7 : Wednesday May 24 : Walk with Wesley

Welcome to John Wesley Day. We will gather at St. Paul's for a Methodist worship* service. We can follow a path back to Wesleys Chapel that hits some locations important to John Wesley (his tomb above). 


Day 2 : Friday May 19 : Westminster

Take the tube (subway) to Westminster for the day.

Westminster Abbey

Tour ticket^ entry 12:00pm*, Jubilee Gallery Entry 13:30pm*

Worship Opportunities:

Morning Prayer 7:30a

Eucharist/Communion 8a and 12:30p*

Evensong 5p*

All worship is free.

Other Opportunities:

Look at statues outside of great world leaders. Walk by Central Methodist Church. Stop for tea to rest your feet. Walk over to St. James Park and see Buckingham Palace. Cross bridge by Parliament and hear Big Ben chime. Eat Fish & Chips at County Hall across Thames and ride London Eye.


Day 4 : Sunday May 21 : Wesley's Chapel Worship + Tower of London

Worship at Wesley's Chapel for Aldersgate Day, celebrating the conversion of John Wesley. 9:45a Communion* in Foundery Chapel (30 minutes). 11a Worship in main Chapel.*

Afternoon - take tube over to Tower of London to tour* and see great history and Crown Jewels. A replica of the Golden Hind, the first British ship to sail around the world, is across the Tower Bridge from the Tower of London.


Day 6 : Tuesday May 23 : Wesley Tour

Time for an official tour of Wesleys Chapel, John Wesley Home (pictured above), Methodist Museum, and Wesley Garden with John Wesley's Tomb.


Also on Tuesday is a recital at 1:05p - don't know how this will fit with the tour schedule.

Can also walk through Bunhill Cemetery across the street to see Susanna Wesley's tomb. Just past cemetery is a quiet park with a wall of heroism to remember people who lost their lives saving others.

Great day to walk to markets for food...


Personal Options Daily

We have one major element scheduled each day, but lots of time to fill in with other options. St. Bride's Church (above) has some worship opportunities that might be good for Friday or Tuesday. We can share with each other when we find special spaces during our exploration.

Open air markets with great food and vendors:

Spitalfields Market

Borough Market

Whitecross Market

Map of Wesley's Chapel, Hotel, Tube Stop

Note on maps: the "blocks" you see do not match American "blocks." Many of these blocks are only two-three buildings long - maybe 1/4 the size of a "block" we are used to. Walking from Old Street tube stop to Wesley's Chapel is about 5 minutes.

Walk from Travelodge Hotel to St. Paul's Cathedral is 15-20 minutes (about 1 mile), or you can take a bus or the tube. St. Paul's to St. Bride's is about 5 minute walk.

Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 5.28.03 AM.png
Map of our Main Area of Activities
Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 6.04.42 AM.png
Map of St. Paul's Cathedral Area & Sights
Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 5.30.28 AM.png
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